Horizon Divers Report


Florida Scuba Diving Adventures

Horizon Divers is your best choice for scuba diving in Key Largo, Florida. With more than a decade under the waves, Horizon Divers offers a variety of underwater activities including diving, snorkeling, and training classes. No matter what your skill level, ability, or sense of adventure, Horizon Divers has the thrill and excitement you’re looking for in a dive. A fully certified PADI and TDI dive center, we have expert guides and full dive amenities such as freshwater rinse stations, gear rentals, and personal storage.

The shallow reefs of Key Largo let our divers stay underwater for a full hour, plenty of time to experience the fascinating ecosystem hidden down there. With the largest variety of fish in the Caribbean swimming below, divers can film or take underwater photos of the fascinating sea life hidden in the Key Largo reefs.

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