Scuba Nation



Billy C

Billy C is Boston born and raised. When he was 18 years old, he got certified in the cold murky waters off the Massachusetts coastline. His passion for the underwater world was evident when he was 4 years old going on whale watches and watching Jacques Cousteau’s Silent World. He knew then he wanted to go to a warm weather college and study Marine Biology. That’s exactly what Billy C did.

When it was time to head to college he chose Florida State University and 20 years later he’s still in Florida scuba diving for a living. “It’s truly a dream come true to pursue your passion”. This isn’t about money. This is about following your vision. To me, being underwater is as comfortable as walking in a park. It is why I am here”

Billy C is a master diver, accomplished underwater videographer, and a student of Marine Biology. “Everything I have studied and learned over the course of my life has prepared me for this show. There are no coincidences.

So let’s go diving”!




Bitchn’ Mitch

Bitchin Mitch is a life long Florida resident and knows every corner of the state. He is well traveled around the world, having served in the US Army.

Despite being a Master Diver, Mitch is relatively new to the sport. He has always wanted to scuba dive since he was a kid. He swam the spring waters of North Central Florida and knows the Florida coastline like the back of his hand.

Sea Hunt, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Thunderball and of course Cousteau fueled his desire to scuba dive as a kid. Now that he’s become a scuba diver, he says, “I don’t even like to snorkel now. It’s like swimming in a pool, YOU’RE TETHERED to the surface. What’s the fun in that?!”.

Mitch is a firm believer that “You don’t find scuba diving, scuba diving finds you” and gets a little ‘weird’ (such a relative term for him) when he stays dry for too long.

Bitchin Mitch has a devoted love for inner space and is passionate about all things that reside in the underwater world.